Car Park Structures

Say goodbye to car parking problems

A fully-funded new way to double your existing parking

Fast, Flexible, Fully Funded Car Park Solutions

It is recognised across the UK that car parking is a problem. The need for new and better car parking facilities is relentless at hospitals, airports, railway stations, retail parks, dock port car storage and local authority sites. Existing parking construction projects can close down a car park for 6-9 months, causing added parking issues.  

Car Park Structures have extensively researched these issues over the past 2 years and can now offer a fully funded solution to provide additional parking without the need to acquire new land or cause disruption.

Car Park Structures unique fast-build system can be erected within 7 to 21 days of site possession subject to survey, size & design. We achieve this by straddling the clients existing car parking, thus doubling the capacity, without the need for new footings and enormous disruption.

Introduction to Car Park Structures

Fact Sheet

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